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This FAQ was compiled by using both personal experience from my last 30 years as a biker, information from various other Virago sites, and even  some information posted in the Virago Tech forum and  other forums. Not all of the information is specific to Viragos, such as information on chopping a bike, creating a trike, or even basic wiring guides for making your own harness.

I want to thank Matt for hosting the bykrmom Virago FAQ pages at Virago Tech because there wouldn't be a place large enough that I could grow this F.A.Q. without space on his server. I also want to thank 'Scotsman' for his detailed, simplified Virago Chopper wiring harness diagram, and I also wish to thank 'Starcove' for the sketch of his simplified Virago wiring harness as well.

This FAQ and is a work in-progress. If you see that I've made a mistake with an answer, please email me and let me know. If you have a question you think should be added to this Virago FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also, feel free to email me your tips, tricks, or information for possible inclusion in this FAQ.

Disclaimer: No claims are implied or made directly as to the accuracy of any or all of the information presented in this Virago FAQ where relative to safety, value of any of the motorcycle products, or motorcycle maintenance, post manufacture modifications or any other information found in this Virago FAQ is concerned.  The material is presented only for information purposes, and in no case will Angie Kimble (bykrmom) or Matthew Smith (Virago Tech's Owner) be held liable for any injury or any damage (consequential or otherwise) resulting from information here or arising out of information obtained from this website.