A. It isn't easy to find information today on what Yamaha had originally given for the HP ratings of these V Twin Viragos. But with a little determination and a lot of help from "makeityours" and "MagnumRockwilder" on the Virago Tech forum, I have put up a list of known information here. It is taken from 2 different sources; Motor Cycle News "road test", and Cycle World magazine.

XV535 45.5 bhp @7,500rpm 34.5 lb ft@6,000 rpm
XV700 51.4hp 42.2tq
XV750 51.8 bhp@7,000rpm 43.5 lb ft @5,500 rpm
XV920 No available data No available data
TR1 (Europe xv1000, 981cc) 56.5bhp@6,500rpm 53.8 lb ft@4,000rpm
XV1000 61 bhp@6,500rpm 57.8 lb ft@5,000
XV1100 54.1 bhp@5,500rpm 54.2 lb ft@3,000

It is worth noting that a 1980 Swedish publication, 'Motorrad' rated the TR1. (xv1000, 981 cc) at 70bhp (this information and link submitted by Swedish member "lassesand" from the Virago Tech forum.)