A. I originally answered this question from RIVAGO in the Virago Tech forum this way:

Look at the numbers on the covers in the image below. Mine was the left side cover, or the bottom cover in the drawing. Knowing that "8" was a short screw, I lined them all up by size, so it followed that 9 was a little longer, and 10 was the longest. I just followed the numbers in the drawing for the placement at that point.

If it's the right cover, or the top one in the drawing, and you can determine at least one screw is right, then it will match the number for that hole and all the rest of that length will fit according to the drawing. The other lengths must then fit the other number holes.

I hope this makes sense, and that it helps a bit. Good Luck!

Then WrenchGremlin from the Virago Tech Forum added the following answer:

This past weekend I put in a new clutch and just for grins thought I would measure and write down the bolt length's in mm since this topic was sure to come up :) The measurements are for a XV700 '85 but I'm sure its a good guide for others.

The bolts are measured from under the head to the end and are measured in millimeters. .

Additional Information: As far as I know, all of the years/models of Virago from 700cc and up use the same basic lower units and these diagrams should work for all of them. However, if you know of this assumption being in error, please let me know.