A. I have never done anything with the Cycom on a Virago, but I understand it can be taken off, or apart, and the bike changed to look better and still work. Here's a comment from the Virago Tech forum that was posted by Shadow

"First thing first, the Cycom does a lot more than just display!!! I learned that the hard way. So, what you have to do is keep it, but hide it. Now, there is now way in heck that you can hide this massive beast, however, the "brains" of it are actually quite small. You need to disassemble the unit and keep the control bord inside, ditching the shell, LCD panel, and a few odds and ends. Note that if you really wanted to you can retain the signal lights for neutral, warning lights, etc. Now that you have this doo-dad out, you have to decide where to put it. You can either put it in the headlight enclosure (if you keep the stock one or replace it with a 7" or so) or you can do what I did. I got a leather tool pouch and hung it on the forks. Then I extended all the wires to make it long enough to reach the pouch. If you do this right you can hide absolutely everything!!!"