A. Here is some Quick Reference Data for the XV700 - XV1100 Virago.


Main XV920J, XV1100 30
  All others 20
Headlight All 15
Signal All 15
Ignition All 10
Tail All 10
Reserve XV700, XV1000, XV1100 20
  XV920J  30
  All other models Not specified


Approximate Refill Capacities:    
Engine oil With filter change  3.3 quarts (3,100cc)
  Without filter change 3.2 quarts (3,000cc)
  Engine rebuild 3.8 quarts (3,600cc)
Front forks XV700 (1984-1985)  13.2 oz. (389cc)
  XV700 (1986-1987) 13.4 oz. (396cc)
  XV750 (1981-1983) 9.4 oz. (278cc)
  XV750 (1988-1997) 13.4 oz. (396cc)
  XV920 (1981-1982 chain drive) 8.9 oz. (264cc)
  XV920 (1982-1983 shaft drive) 10.2 oz. (303cc)
  XV1000, XV1100 12.6 oz. (372cc)
Final gear case   (if so equipped) 0.21 qt. (200cc)


Bulbs replacements    
Bulb Model Wattage
Headlight  All 12V 60/55W (H4)
Tail/brake light All 12V  8/27W  (1157)
Meter light XV920J 12V 2W
  All other models 12V 3.4W
Indicator Lights 1981-1983 12V 3.4W
  1984-on 12V 4.0W
License light XV750 12V 8W
  XV920J 12V 3.8W
  All other models Not specified
Flasher/running light XV700, XV1000, XV1100 12V 27W
  XV920J 2V 27W X 4/8W
  All other models Not specified


Tune-Up Specifications    
Ignition timing  Fixed  
Valve Clearance (cold)    
1981-1983 Intake  0.004 in. (0.10mm)
  Exhaust 0.006 in. (0.15mm)
1984-on Intake 0.003-0.005 in. (0.07-0.10mm)
  Exhaust   0.005-0.007 in. (0.12-0.15mm)
Spark plug Type NGK BP7ES
  Gap 0.028-0.032 in. (0.7-0.8mm)
  Tightening torque 14.5 ft-lb (20N*m)
Idle speed    950-1,050 rpm
Compression pressure
(warm @ sea level)
Standard  156 psi (11 kg/cm²)
  Minimum 128 psi (  9 kg/cm²)
  Maximum 171 psi (12km/cm²)
Maximum difference between cylinders:   14  psi (1.0kg/cm²)