A. No.
Comments: On an '81 to '83 Virago, the frame is wider, and the tanks go lower on the frame than on anything '84 and up. So if you tried to put on a '83 tank on an '84 bike for instance, it would do several things. It would go MUCH lower on the sides, and it would be too long for the backbone between the steering neck and the seat. The tunnel is also MUCH wider and deeper. The '84 and up frames go out in a ^ shape too early in their length to accommodate the earlier tank. Although the tanks are deeper in the tunnel area, they are also taller at the front. So they wouldn't clear the triple trees or the risers if you use the stock front mounts. That is, it won't work without many mods to the tank, but anything is possible with a MIG welder, a grinder or saw, and much talent. 
Going the other direction in years, the newer tanks are much shallower over all. And the tunnel thinner. They are shorter overall as well. 
So you'd have to widen the tunnel, deepen the tunnel, And open the tunnel at the back end to accommodate the wider backbone at the seat area. The newer tank will not clear the triple trees or riders on the older bike, when using the stock mounting. Those would also have to be altered, or completely removed. 
So the short answer here is NO, it won't work in a direct swap. The long answer depends on how skilled you might be in metal working and use of a MIG welder. But if you have those metal working and welding skills, pick a tank you like or make your own, and fit that one.