A. To quote another Virago Tech regular "A bike with that kind of mileage tells me that it's been a good bike for someone. One that sits around all winter in a garage and has low mileage will give trouble more than a frequent runner. As long as the bike looks cared for and you don't see oil all over the engine it'll probably be okay." ~Keeton
Comments: I obtained the '83 XV750 that I made my chopper out of with 120,000 miles documented in the paperwork that came with it. Other than a cam chain slap in the front cylinder, it runs perfect. There is excessive blow-by, but I plan to re-build the engine over the winter if funds/time permit. But if I can't, I'll adjust the cam chain and keep riding. Viragos, maintained correctly, will run a long time trouble free. There's many miles left in this old bike yet.